[update 20190319: removed a bad habit]
[update 20170308: added a fourth bad habit]

I am a UK male, born mid-60s. I am married, wife English born mid-50s. We have a son born around 2000.

I am doing a couple of things with this blog:

Approaching God

I have been a lifelong atheist, with occasional curiosity about religion, especially Christianity. In recent years this curiosity has been replaced by a more sympathetic and constructive engagement. Since only very recently I consider myself to be a Christian.

With this blog I am exploring my faith and my conception of God, and I’m using it to help me reflect on how to live as a Christian. Especially, how to treat myself (see below) and how to love my wife.

My religious feelings are private and secret. Nobody in my Real Life knows about my feelings in this area. You could say I am “in the closet”.

Tackling Bad Habits

I have three bad habits I want to work my way out of:

  • I use pornography
  • I ogle women
  • I wear ladies lingerie (removed 20190319, see Tombstone)
  • I masturbate (added 20170308, see: Four bad habits)

I have had other blogs and other personae to work on these. They have been effective to an extent, but a blog/persona just about these issues easily turns into a blog/persona celebrating these issues.

So I am dealing with these issues here in the hope that my faith in God, and my love of Jesus will help me conquer these habits, and lay them aside.

My wife doesn’t know about my use of pornography or my dressing up.

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  1. Enjoying the fast | Luke 7:39

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