Harmony Q1 Review, Q2 Preview

Four Quarters:

  1. (Jan-Mar) Together
  2. (Apr-Jun) Melody
  3. (Jul-Sep) Matrimony
  4. (Oct-Dec) Desire

Q1 Together Review

This has felt like a very Lenten quarter, pruning, shedding. Though in some ways I feel less distracted and more focussed, I also feel rather bleak and empty. I am ready for Q2.

Of my concrete goals for the quarter:

I have ideas for Lent, I want to find some male Christian bloggers to follow, and some online Christian communities to join and take part in.

  • The Lent idea was a great success, and continues to be, starting on 18th Jan and still going strong (see the pornfree category).
  • The related livefree social network almost fit the bill perfectly as an online Christian community, but they only take payment by credit card, not paypal.

Bonus: (hé, harmony). A Confucian concept I only vaguely understand but which has been close to my heart for a few years. Came up while I was reading Faith after Doubt. I posted just once about this but hope to investigate further.

Q2 Melody Preview

Q2 has already started — with a failure: Easter churches are all locked down, so I didn’t have anything to attend. I have had my first vaccine this week so hope to venture into public spaces soon.

The point of the idea of melody is to be more active, to get away from the idea of harmony as “fitting in”.

  • be more outgoing I: There are some Christian neighbours: make friends with them.
  • be more outgoing II: … start talking more like a christian; have that Christian humanism book around.
  • write more: by the end of Q2 I’d like to be posting weekly.
  • looking forward to Q3, be more explicitly and physically affectionate with my wife — even if I’m not in the mood. Test the water.

Some reading goals:

  • reading through the Old Testament is going according to plan (reading Deuteronomy for April). Keep that up.
  • By “that Christian humanism book” I mean one of these books by Jan Zimmermann. Probably the Bonhoeffer as Incarnational Humanism seems like it might be controversial.
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