four quarters #harmony

  1. (Jan-Mar) Together
  2. (Apr-Jun) Melody
  3. (Jul-Sep) Matrimony
  4. (Oct-Dec) Desire

** Together

Harmony is togetherness. Togetherness in the communities I am part of (family, work, village, friends, my online “church”); togetherness within me, between my competing interests and desires.

This quarter I want to notice and gravitate towards activities that promote togetherness in both these spheres, and neglect activities that dissipate togetherness.

Concrete goals: I have ideas for Lent, I want to find some male Christian bloggers to follow, and some online Christian communities to join and take part in.

** Melody

Harmony brings melody.

These beautiful concepts have dark sides, and the dark side of my yearning for Harmony is a tendency for passivity and rule-following, withdrawal, when things aren’t going well.

This quarter I want to “watch” that dark side and “celebrate” the bright, active side of harmony which is melody (and rhythm). The greatest Harmony is God and this quarter I really want to show (first of all to myself) that harmonising with Him lends me Love, Power and Knowledge to be melodious for His glory.

Concrete goals: successes at work (will be one year at my new job during this quarter); attend Easter activities and/or service at a local church or cathedral.

** Matrimony

Matrimony is Harmony. The harmony between two lovers in a permanent relationship … does not look after itself.

My wife Sara’s birthday is during this quarter, and I dedicate the quarter to her, and to harmony in our marriage, to have Sara’s well-being and happiness at the fore of my everything every day.

Concrete goals: I want to monitor and increase my physical displays of affection, just sufficiently for Sara to notice, perhaps enjoy, perhaps reciprocate. Slightly strange to quantify these things but I want to hold myself to daily commitments. I want to end every day with a loving gesture, no matter what quarrels might have just happened.

Why wait till July? Writing these goals today means I might start trying things out tomorrow. I don’t preclude earlier activity, but the quarter around Sara’s birthday is for her.

** Joy

Harmony is joy. Harmony is a smoothly running machine, a symphony helter-skelter but in control of itself, the surprise of truth and the power that comes with it. Harmony is full of laughter and enjoyment.

This quarter looks toward Christmas, and the yearning for Harmony is offset by the Joy of His arrival (like the sharp gin is offset by the smooth vermouth in a Martini, one of my Christmas treats). I want to celebrate Christ, myself, my wife, and all the beautiful people I have met along my journey.

Concrete goals: year-end successes at work; attend Christmas activities and/or service at a local church or cathedral.

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  1. Wow–what a great list of goals! Breaking it down into quarters is a wonderful idea. I have broken my goals into monthly ones, but it feels like too much, and I wasn’t able to be as concrete as you. I may need to revise mine…

    • Thank you :) Monthly felt like too much — I don’t think I could even think of twelve harmony-related goals! — quarterly felt much more spacious. I’ve started liking the idea of setting “SMART” goals: Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound.

  2. Do you play an instrument or are musically inclined, David? Because the way you typically write, the interests that are conveyed in your writings, and especially the way this is mapped out almost seem like a songwriter wrote them. You know, with four verses and four choruses each. ;) As a counselor/life-coach, I also notice and love the practical thread woven within each (the “choruses”). I’ll be praying that you meet these goals and have one of your best years in all realms of your life!

    • Talk about insight! I’m not musical but I certainly wish I was. I have an alto saxophone i used to play a lot when I was a student (but never teamed up in a band) and we have a piano (electric) here I sometimes play about on. Practical goals will help me keep on track (I hope). Thank you for your prayers.  I am blessed with such encouragers.

  1. Harmony Q1 Review, Q2 Preview | Luke 7:39

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