Where is the gift in this failure (failure to write every day for a short month)? The gift is the opportunity to re-assess the purpose of this blog.

One morning walking through the park on the way to work I noticed the blossom on the trees, the first buds of blossom and leaf. The next day I saw the same trees out a little more. I love the spring, and I started crafting that day’s #write28days post. Then I decided (or realised) that I would rather share this pleasure with my wife. That was the beginning of the end for my #write28days attempt.

Nurturing my family (wife and son) and loving my wife is gradually taking centre place in my life. Gradually over the last few months as certain slow-moving external constraints have changed formation.

I do want (and need actually) to write more and to practice writing. At the same time, I want (and need actually) to spend less time in front of a screen interacting with software instead of ideas or people. (On the third hand I would like to improve my touch-typing, …)

Good things I can share with my wife I should share with her. Some things I can’t share with my wife (or won’t, … or not yet, … if ever, …) and some of those things I should share here.

What is the point of this blog?

What have I achieved? With the help of readers, …

  • I have completely exorcised one bad habit or demon (dressing up), and much weakened the others. I don’t think of them as part of me or of who I am.
  • I think of myself as a Christian (I have even said as much, and gone to services (ok one service) and prayed in public churches! — albeit far from home), and I am happy thinking of myself as a Christian and of Jesus as part of me.
  • I have read and studied and learnt a fair amount of Scripture — both on my own and in online groups — and I have developed the new habit of turning to Scripture and Christian writing for succour.
  • It’s presumptuous to say I’ve made friends, but I have met nice people who have been kind and instructive and often inspiring.
  • I am happier than I ever have been.

So, not bad. Prayers of thanks for the kindness of strangers.

What is the point of the blog now?

  • I don’t want to kill off this persona. Apart from anything else, online is the only Christian community I have (and I like it too).
  • There are things I might want to write about that my wife would probably not be interested in (e.g., I’m currently reading Job).
  • My remaining bad habits or demons … I have decided they are fading and I am fairly relaxed about letting them fade, billow and fade in their own time. I don’t think there’s much more for me to write about them here.
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  1. So many victories here! I especially love your move to share more with your wife than online.

    “So, not bad.” <–Understatement. :)


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