“… that I might be saved through Him”

God did not send Jesus to condemn me. God has put Jesus inside me. His Son. He has filled me with the Spirit. He did not fill me with the Spirit as a condemning voice, to put me down.

God loves me and fills me with His love. The Lord yearns for me to be His — and now I yearn and push to be His too. 

Thank you Lord for your love and your strength. 

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  1. You “might be” His, David? Of course you’re His! It’s plain as day to me! Embrace that reality as Christ embraces you, my friend!

    • Thank you Beth! :) I do feel it. It feels a little presumptuous to say it about
      myself though. I’ll update the title to “… that I might be saved by Him”.

  2. Such a beautiful truth. Grace at its finest!

    • Dear Lisa, thank you! I have been battling my demons and I am starting to feel
      new. For advent and into next year I want to try to rejoice and enjoy my newfound


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