Making and Breaking Habits in 2017

This year I want to be more organised. That’s partly because of my “work” – my work is the impetus – but I’d like to be more organised in my “life” too. That is part carrot and part stick: I’m starting to feel the benefit of regular praying, and other kinds of self-management; on the other hand I fall back occasionally and it is horrible to feel out of control.

** Some habits I’d like to cultivate in 2017:

*** pray every morning and every evening

I enjoy praying, and I do pray often, but I’d like my praying to be more regular. I want to pray morning and evening as a matter of course.

I am also thinking of my mental idle times. In those times I want prayer to suggest itself to me. As well as prayer, Psalms and other Scripture, ideas or even images I’ve read in Christian social media. This will help with the habits I want to break.

*** write something every day

I am thinking of writing longhand here, although I am trying to teach myself touch-typing. I have just written a report for a client and I was shocked at how difficult I found it to write. This daily writing could be a prayer or diary, or anything really – just to practice writing coherent narrative.

I want to learn touch-typing for work, but I much prefer writing longhand (I spend most of my working day at the keyboard).

** Some habits I want to stop:

*** looking at porn

I thought I was out of that but it crept back in (or rather I crept back to it) over Christmas. It was a very nice relaxing Christmas but it did have its longeurs. The shock was how quickly it returns to being a habit. I am out of it again (now) but I want to ensure I have other resources (or “expectations”) for when I hit the same kind of boredom.

*** ogling women

I realise that with long years of looking at porn I have effectively trained myself to look at women in a certain way. Even the sound of heels tapping, a woman’s voice can put me on the alert. Again an expectation of an opportunity to see/think in a certain way.

*** mindlessly surfing twitter

I like my Christian twitter account, and I have a work-related project with twitter, but it is too easy to waste time. I want to be more purposeful when I go to twitter.

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