2016: a felix culpa of a year

In January I set myself the target to read the twelve minor prophets: twelve books, twelve months — easy. I didn’t read any.


My Word of the Year for 2016 was “Pivot”. It took me till February to think of it, and I don’t remember thinking of the word again until I saw Lisa Notes’ post on her Word of the Year.


In March I opened a Facebook account for the first time so I could join Beth Steffaniak’s reading group on 1 Samuel. Now the group is a fair way into 2 Samuel. Reading as part of a group, I am learning much more than I would be reading alone, I am being challenged and put on the spot in surprising ways, and it is just nicer.

In August, I went on a shopping spree which plunged me into a fortnight of restless anxiety and almost despair, until at the end of the month I methodically and systematically threw everything out.

In October, I prayed my way through Psalm 145, verse by verse. I have learnt the Psalm by heart and now I pray it at least once every day. “Every day I will bless you”.

I have enjoyed this year. I am looking forward to next year.

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  1. Sounds to me like a lot of successes, my friend! I’m especially impressed by your comments and insights in the 1 and 2 Samuel group. I’m not just saying that either. You are a deep thinker and notice very small but crucial details that many might miss. I also feel as if God is revealing things to you that you alone could never have–that goes for me too! I’m often amazed at how much God opens my eyes to truths that ordinarily would’ve escaped me. Keep up the good work, my friend! God is pleased not only with your discipline in studying, memorizing, and praying, but also your willingness to purge yourself of those tantalizing “idols.” I do hope He blesses you in amazing ways this next year because of it–and even in spite of any failures along the way.

    • Dear Beth, thank you for your kind words :). Agree about the reading groups. I think I have felt what I’ve learnt go deeper into my life than it might have done had I just been reading alone. In 2017 in want to develop skills and practices to help stop me returning to those idols. David


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