The Empty Cross


This is the last of my adventures in Abbey Town.

I had been wondering for some time whether to where a cross necklace. Now was the obvious time to take the plunge. The cathedral shop was only just opening. I found a cross that I liked: very plain flat metal and a fine chain. There was some fuss about whether it was a “man’s” chain. Eventually one of the ladies opened the catch and put it round my neck in the shop.

So now I have a new kind of fetish. It is nice to wear. It is a sensual reminder of what I’m doing.

I wear it secretly of course. I cycle to work in the morning and shower. The cross is the first thing I put on when I emerge clean from the shower.

The empty cross is an instrument of torture that has been defeated, from which the victim has walked away. … The empty cross is therefore an image of God’s power, and of hope.

(“How to Read a Church”, R. Taylor, 2003, pp 40-1)

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  1. Yes. This is a beautiful reason to wear a cross.

    • Thank you :) it was like the icing on the cake of my little adventure. And now it is a reminder of my first time “coming out” as a Christian.

      I thought of your tweet when I read those lines from How to Read a Church.

  1. God put it in front of my eyes | Luke 7:39

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