Green September: week one

See Aiming for a Green September for my aims for this month.

Quarter of the way through the month and I am not doing too badly on the “Don’t”s.

  • No pr0n or lingerie surfing, no wearing, no buying — but those temptations are relatively easy to avoid, as I have to purposefully go and do them.
  • No jumping up & down or rubber-necking — this I’m more pleased with as it means I am starting to have a calmer, more directed (and direct-able) attention.
  • Ogling is harder to test as I hardly ever go anywhere apart from home and office (that might be part of the problem!). I think my eyes do still wander.
  • “Stop thinking of the woman in the office next door as ‘Slut Next Door Susan'”. If anything this is worse than ever. I just think of her as “slut” and I drink her in when I see her.

It’s almost as if I’ve massaged my desires around instead of reducing them. A start perhaps.

On the “Do”s:

  • I am praying nicely every night at bedtime, and I say a quick “hello” when I wake up.
  • I haven’t been reading Psalms.
  • I have been reading lots of Christian tweets and blogs — almost as if I want to keep myself in a “Christian” mindset, which I do. That feels more important this month than studying scripture.
  • I have been more attentive to my wife. And for example the other day I said I’d do all the dishes at the office
  • I have a little notebook which is helping me keep tabs.

Steady as she goes, I think.

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  1. Green September: week two | Luke 7:39

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