Aiming for a Green September

It’s the first of September and I’m going to aim for a “Green” month:


  1. don’t look at any pornography
  2. … that includes lingerie sections of department store websites
  3. don’t ogle women
  4. don’t wear ladies lingerie or nighties
  5. don’t buy any more ladies clothes
  6. don’t jump to the office window when I here a car pull up in the car park, or when I hear high heels
  7. stop thinking of the woman in the office next door as “Slut Next Door Susan”
  8. don’t beat myself up if I fail on any of the above

(I’ve numbered them for future reference. They’re not in any particular order.)


A list of just “don’t”s is miserable so here are the “do”s:

  • first thing every morning and last thing every night, pray
  • where my cross as much as I can
  • every day read at least one Psalm (can be one I’ve read already)
  • … aim to finish the second reading before end October
  • every day read a Christian blog post
  • every week post something on my Christian blog
  • … think about what to post the rest of the week
  • every time my wife enters the room, put her first in my attention
  • think of the woman in the office next door as the lady in the office next door
  • make a brief note (at the time if poss) of every win against temptation

Here goes!

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  1. Green September: week one | Luke 7:39
  2. Green September: week two | Luke 7:39
  3. Green September: week three | Luke 7:39

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