Some things I love about my wife

A lady called Ngina Otiende has an excellent blog called Intentional Today. She recently posted My Husband Cares, Just Differently with five tips or challenges to help notice or rekindle love for your spouse. They are tips I want to remember every day, especially I liked #1, #2 and #5.

Every day I want to:

  • 1. Notice two things my wife is doing to show her love and care.
  • 2. Voice my appreciation, and “cultivate a thankful spirit
  • 5. Remember joy comes from the Lord.

    Remember that your husband is not your source of happiness. Joy is a choice and it comes from the Lord.

For #1 Ngina linked to a list of “29 Reasons I Love My Husband” so I thought I’d do one. I couldn’t manage 29 reasons I’m afraid :( but it’s a start perhaps.

** Some things I love about my wife

  • She has a very impressive presence.
  • She has a sexy hourglass figure.
  • She buys eye-wateringly expensive bras.
  • Occasionally (rarely), when something catches her right, she has a wonderful smile that makes her look about 13.
  • One of the first things that attracted me: her left-wing politics was forged in the tough early 70s. We instantly agreed on so many things.
  • She is scarily good at finding things out. Especially about people!
  • She has a strong moral sense which, like mine, acts as an imperative force. In many ways hers is superior to mine.
  • She takes on a lot, and is under a lot of pressure, and I want to make things better for her.
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