One Word

Aren’t these games a bit silly? Do they have any point?

Actually I think they might.

2013 and last year I felt under so much pressure — or at least, living in a hostile world. Burdened down, worn down, I grew myself a hard shell. Christmas / New Year was the worst. Coming out of it into 2015, the hard shell felt like the husk of a nut or a seed. Instead of a tender shoot, a beam of laser light emerged. This would show me my path through the year.


This sounded very grand, and for a while I was convinced it would inspire me to keep “focused” on …

… well it just turned into another excuse to be solipsistic and to beat myself up for wandering.

I wanted something that would be a challenge but also a comfort. Something that would confront me but also show the way. A reminder.

My “one word” for 2015 is the name of my wife.

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  1. Ah, a very wise man. A great use of OneWord to concentrate on your wife. Blessings on your year.


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