Reading ideas for 2015

The to-be-read pile challenge

Thinking about this reading challenge tweeted by LisaNotesRead 12 books from your “to be read” pile — I decided to do a quick tour of the house with a notepad, looking for and listing books I “hadn’t got round” to reading, but still want to read “one day”. Well the list ended up at around 80 books — enough to keep me going for at least four years.

So, my version of challenge is going to be “Don’t buy any new books in 2015”


  • Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit: I *really* want to read, and was planning to read it early last year, before the physics detour. Terry Pinkard has done a new translation, which Cambridge University Press are supposed to be publishing. If that does come out, I’ll buy it. I have a draft of Pinkard’s translation on my iPad, so if CUP don’t publish before July, I’ll start reading the draft.
  • Jorie Graham’s selected works “From the New World” is supposed to be coming out in March. Jorie Graham is my current Favourite Poet In The Whole World Ever. One of her books (“Never”) is one of those 80. I prefer having the individual books to someone else’s selection. I’ll only buy this if it has something special.
  • “The three body problem” by Liu Cixin. A Chinese science fiction novel that got a lot of hype last year. A Chinese detective novel that got a lot of hype was the dreariest novel I read last year so I’ll only buy this if I can scan it in the shop (best will be if a local library has it).
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  1. 80 unread books–you beat me. :) I did the walk-thru and decided I just need to give away some unread (yikes!). But the others will go on my list this year. I can’t vow to not buy anything new though but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

    • We regularly ship out boxes full of books to local charity shops. That’s probably one of the reasons I read so many classics (because I always buy a couple of books when I’m there).

  2. Ooh, some seriously interesting picks here. I’ll be looking further into each, I think. I heard about the Three Body Problem last year too, so am eager to check it out. Be sure to post reviews of the other two if you find the time. I’ll be interested in learning more about them.

    • Dear Micah

      Hello and welcome! Thank you for your comment.

      I’ve started the Hegel. It’s exciting but it is very hard! Do you like Jorie Graham?



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