“Leave her alone!”

But Jesus said, “Leave her alone. Why do you trouble her? She has done a beautiful thing for me.”

(Mark 14:6)

The thing I most hate about myself at the moment is my habit of eyeing up women. The habit seems to have infected my body: it seems to be a split second ahead of my consciousness. Yes, it’s like being possessed by a demon.

To intervene against the habit, I have to act pre-emptively. Punishment is no good against habits (imho)(actually imho punishment is no good most of the time). Well, I need two things:

  • act pre-emptively: give myself something “more attractive” than the forthcoming temptation to sin;
  • catch on failure: don’t punish or curse myself when I fall. Comfort, correct, and put back on track. (I think of rescuing a wandering kitten)

[… later … in the throes of temptation seems a good time to write :D]

So I have learnt this verse and I say it to myself whenever a “babe” or “milf” enters my visual field and I feel the pull. Just the “leave her alone” is enough here.

If I catch myself too late I’ll say the whole verse. The whole three sentences makes an excellent little package — especially the last sentence. Admonishing the female for wearng a short skirt or a strappy top is missing the point.

I’ve found myself using this verse even when I’m drifting into lustful fantasies, which is interesting: who am I troubling? Myself? (I do believe the agent is a victim of their own immoral behaviour.)

The point of the original story is that the woman came to Jesus, acting under her own intuition; the disciples were complaining because the woman was not behaving according to “the rules” — they were denying her humanity and reducing her to a machine. Jesus put them straight. The “beautiful thing” — as far as it’s relevant to my purposes — was just “being herself”.

I like the way the verse moves swiftly from the “leave her alone” to the “beautiful thing” so it leaves me with a “better beauty” to think about.

It is working — not work all the time, but it’s a push in the right direction.

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  1. I’ve not thought of using that verse to preempt temptation. But such an excellent choice. I’m glad you’re finding progress. It’s a journey for all of us; celebrate the small wins.

    • Thanks for your comment! Perhaps you might not be vulnerable to the relevant kinds of temptation.

      • Well, true–my temptations lie in a different area. ha. But the principle is the same; leave the temptation alone and seek out greater beauty instead.

      • Oh yes you’re right. I was being over-literal maybe.

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