Who am I and why am I here?

[When I first started blogging years ago, my work was quiet and I had lots of time to mull over and polish each post. Now, not.]

** Who am I?

Male Brit born late 60s, in a permanent relationship with female Brit born mid 50s, and our son born ca 2000.

Technical consultant (analysis, design, programming, etc.); academic background in linguistics, psychology, philosophy, maths.

Went to university in “the City”. Now living and working in “the Country”.

Fairly free-ranging sexuality (relevant!), most of which has been hidden deeply in the closet since moving out the the Country, and especially since meeting my partner.

Interested in Jesus et al. intermittently since childhood, each time more seriously than the last it seems. This time the most serious yet — actually praying regularly! — and thinking of myself as a “Christian”.

As far as doctrine goes, I’ve had virtually no contact with any chriches or religious communities. I take the Gospels as “normative”, the rest of the NT & OT I take as “informative”.

Various names out here in cyberspace. Currently unnameab73 aka “Fail Better”; previously variations on “Perfect Lips”. Also, David.

** Why am I here?

i.e., What is the point of this blog?

Mainly, I want to improve my behaviour — I want to try and give the “religious” feelings I have a practical edge. I feel as I’ve been indulging myself in prayer: now I want to pull Jesus to me.

Main immediate targets:

  • stop ogling women
  • improve physical intimacy with my wife

In the background, I’d like to continue exploring, strengthening and enjoying my relationship with God.

I have various sins and fetishes which I’d like to deal with. OTOH, I do not want to “cut off my right hand”.

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  1. I appreciate this post to see more of who you are and where you want to go. God definitely has you on a journey, as he does all of us. I pray you’ll continue to enjoy and share about your relationship with God as you see more and more of him.


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