More on the Holy Spirit.

In my Big Book about the Bible, it says the Holy Spirit is described mostly as a kind of breath or wind. It also said that Mary conceived Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

The book doesn’t say so explicitly but the descriptions are undeniably sensual, even sexual (obviously in the case of Mary).

This is striking for a number of reasons:

  • I don’t think of Christianity as a sensual religion at all. Compared with almost any other religion I can think of it seems very un-sensual indeed. Just think of the food (Jewish food, Muslim food, Hindu food, Buddhist food, … Christian food?). Attempts by Christian bloggers (e.g., Intentional Today) to celebrate sex “within marriage” are not convincing.
  • I like sensuality (obvious to long term readers of my sex-mad blog). I think sensuality is good. Part of the point of this new perfect71ps persona is to unify spiritual and sensual feeling. I love exercise like Yoga and Pilates.
  • Submitting myself in prayer, or even doing more mundane things like writing here or reading religious writing, seems to involve more than just my mind or my emotions. It seems to involve me completely. My body feels it too, almost a faint arousal. I don’t know if that’s an inappropriate intervention from some other part of my psyche. But it feels like it’s part *of* what’s happening rather than taking away from what’s happening.

[update 2015/06/23: I crossed out that sentence about Intentional Today as it just comes over as sniffy and unkind.]

I like the idea of breath being Holy Spirit. Just like the feeling of falling into it, I like the feeling of breathing it in. But what is breathing out?

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  1. If by “sensual” we can mean using the senses (and I believe we have more than just the traditional five we typically talk about, although I can’t name them), I think Christianity has the capacity to be the most sensual of all religions. We just have lots of blocks that get in the way. But if we could experience God as he really is, I believe all our senses would be totally overwhelmed.

    I often think of the breathing in the Holy Spirit then breathing out praise. But I’ve also heard some say we breathe in the Spirit (what we need), then breathe out all the junk that we don’t need (things that are not of the Spirit).

    Just thoughts. :)

    • Dear Lisa

      Thank you for your comment.

      I like the idea of breathing out praise — “giving back”.

      I am killing off PL apart from on flickr. Thank you for all your kindness – you help me a lot. I shall be back in a new form shortly.


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