This arrived on Monday!


Thank you to Lisa for recommending it to me. One thing Lisa didn’t mention in her review was what a pleasant book it is to hold, with its irregularly cut pages. The Medieval design theme is appealing and I wonder how much it reflects the book’s contents. The Medieval motif casts a light on the author’s tattoos. The two together remind me of the Book of Kells, with its marginal doodlings. And then on to Finnegans Wake.

I’m quite excited to read it. I can’t start reading however till next Tuesday, when I’ll be away from home on business for a few days. All this “new life” is very secret, very private.

I’m starting to think of myself as a Christian, which feels very strange. It feels right, comforable, homely even. I’m enjoying the feelings of being here. It feels safe and open, and I feel I can explore.

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